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thatsspotlight's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

spotlight got himself a bitch with red hair that don't care
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Lets See Where Do I Start? [07 May 2005|09:17am]
[ mood | artistic ]

I have been good. Point Blank Real Talk No Edits. I'm loving this bachelor life shit. I'm not committing to nothing after I saw how my ex treats her current.So I been doing me. I work now.Thanks to a friend shout outs to her..

I met a white girl recently foreign with a accent. Lately she's been keeping me company. We cuddle ;] (wow that sounded soft).My ex was hating that I met a white girl. I find that shit to be really fucking barbaric.I hate racism with a passion.I'm a hater, point blank I dont give a fuck I'll say that shit I'm a hater.BUT I am not a racist. I believe in the bible. I may not do eveything that is pure and holy. Furthermore, I am not a racist and will never intend on being one. Is there predetermined book in life that tells you who you fall for? She got mad when I took offense to her little comments. Word. Tsk tsk...I don't hate on race and sexual preferences man..You do you and leave me the fuck alone thats how I feel.

After venting, I say this if your the type to hate on a couple because of there skin color..Grab a knife and stick it sideways in your abdominals and hanglide off the roof of your house,building,terrace, balcony with a fucking shopping bag on your back and die. Congrads ;]

And my mother thinks I'm a mean person ;)

The great things happening is I know I never posted this..I got that restricted license so thats wassup..Shoutout to the female in my LJ that told me about it and my lawyer.

The fucking Bulls blah..thats all you get from me.

I'm to excited about the Giants siging Plaxico Burgess.

My school semester is almost over. That's cool. I'm looking forward to the summer my friend finally convinced me to go to Summer Jam. I never wanted to go. I'm to lazy to deal with that bullshit. The drive and the people..Blah!!!! I caved in, but dam I'm still hesitant.

Well Well Well, it's crazy after living at my house for so long the last couple of months it really feels like a home.

On the real, I'm a bachelor enjoying myself but this morning I woke up lying with her and it felt great.I went to sleep with her head on my shoulder and my arm on her head. I woke up in the same postion with her still clutching me.But she's home now and I'm here. She's not mine either. It kinda hurts that she won't be around for long. She has to leave soon.

I don't know, Mother's Day is coming up Happy Mothers Day To All.. And ya'll do right by ya'll moms. My mother is all I have. And she's yelling at me now ;)

AHh well Take Care..This was the long update that was overdue

Peace Love and Respect to the haters ;)



Here hEre [18 Apr 2005|12:15am]
[ mood | creative ]

I'm drinking..Just another week of partying and confusion.. I'll get into detail later =]

I just feel like typing...

Paul Masson in my cup YuP I dont give a fuck




YEah So wHat Bitch [10 Apr 2005|09:08pm]
I ain't been here in minute.So mothafuckers deleted me...Ahh so what. I been chillin, School court and regular life..restricted license..and im drunk...WHAT!! I been partying living life good semester...new girls relationships suck so im loving the single life.anyway the world turns.Spot is here

the Knicks are losing

I'm doing aight in school a nigga living till the remix

I'LL holla


Well, Sweet..Uspoken Words..UPDATE!! [22 Feb 2005|05:56pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Ain't shit poppin, a nigga chiLLin.A nigga found a nice one, then lost one ahh pick up the peices and move the pivot.I been partying my usual..But my license is about to be suspended, got the car in a accident. The tough part is I will have the car fixed but I wont be able to drive it for like 90 days..

Err.. that means public transportation to school..Ahh shit FUCK. BITCH DAM!!!..okay I got that across.Yeah as I was saying I'm single see. Now im back to researching the market for produce LoL <~~ Ya'll like that!! ;)

Btw, can the fucking Knicks get worse? Dam I'm tired of not seeing not ONE of our dam players go to the dam All Star Game.. DUNK, GET IN THE 3 POINT CONTEST Be a VAULABLE ROOKIE. Shit dam DO SOMETHING..The Legends don't even come to Knick games no more.Pat Ewing even put his Knick years behind him.

What else.. hmmm..I'm broke need a job and umm I think that covers it.

I know I want a new partner, hmm I wonder what my path has instore for me next. I only had one bad time this year other than that I'm learning more and more of what I would like in a female.. Cute.sassy.educated & with a bit of nympho, laughs at my JOKES dammit and loves the family..

Shit..thats wassup

Oh yeah to add on.. LOL Game is honestly trying to beef with Jay Z..talk about a career ender..I finally finally heard Piggy Bank..other than that track the album is trash..I'm really dissappointed in 50 Cent. Talking all that shit and to drop that was just so unappealing..



The SunLight [11 Jan 2005|12:44am]
[ mood | creative ]

My vaction oh yes.. more blissful than Brett Farve's desperation throw in the endzone..

I'm writing

I can make you talk to the night,while I'm graspin
the light,it's more than the passion of chirst,film
scripts and a mic,you confused I can see you
baffled in features,wasting your time like readin
tarot cards to jesus,It's the summer occasion,
the fun on the pavement,jolly pumps liquor and
same kids,that you grew days with,since the Zulu
nation,troop suits hangin,You remember cross
colors with there funny arrangements,That was back
in the days,crack stacked and paid,high tops and
fades,strap back hats and waves,Do you remember
walkin with your pants rolled up,your socks tucked,
with money stuffed,and summer days and free lunch,
I took you there knit cap hats with the ski mask,
columbia jackets carhart suits,You got that?,
It's amazin how we came up and we made it,and most
people have hated and wanna say we aint the greatest,
Spottie-Ot,Played in the villiage,where they be raisin
the children,to duck strays that might cascade through
the buildings,It's life in the makin,lost blood all on
pavement,my people gone so we toss out liquor to
save them,Drink,The cups are filled,fuck sluts and chill,
South Jamaica Queens, You dumb fucks it's real,

Thats how I felt ;)

Had to share..


Feeling Full... [03 Jan 2005|07:17pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

As I sit here and chiLL, I'm thinking in my mind of a nice place to chiLL tonight.New Year's oh boy. I got pissy drunk. I had some Bacardi Gold, Heniken, Smirnoff mixed with Hipnotic.. after that..I don't know how I made it home. I'm kinda upset about that.On Saturday I threw up like 6 times, and like today my stomach is starting to feel normal again.I hope everybody had a cool new years.

Props to Eli Manning. Today he turns 24 and Saturday he won his first game as quaterback of the New York Giants



Hey I'm Here. [29 Dec 2004|02:05am]
This post is dedicated to you..

Your a fucking fag, any man that dreams about me when they sleep and don't know me is homosexual.Thats a deep problem you should really question your taste in ethics.Let it be KNOWN, I dream of bad ass hoes I never ever had when I sleep. You dream of having face to face contact with Spotlight from the internet. Thats wild. Am I that iLL, I must be. AM I that great? Must be. I'm ashamed this is past wild animal homo.

I have a resolution for you for 2005..

Get off Spot dick

[07 Nov 2004|04:11pm]

Leave a comment to be added and add me as well. shescrack made the journal look hot.

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